Nolan presents Casey Stoner with a One-Off edition of the X-802RR ULTRA CARBON model made exclusively for him.

A One-Off edition which previews a number of particularities of the 2017 Collection.

Brembate di Sopra, 6 July - When Casey Stoner, the two-times World Champion, takes to the race track, it’s always an Event. The Australian rider drove crowds wild at WDW in Misano with his Ducati desmosedici number 27. A rider who has already become a legend: Nolangroup welcomed him for his annual visit, and took the opportunity to present him with the One-Off SuperHero edition of the X-802RR ULTRA CARBON model. 

This helmet is characterised by a particular finish created by the shading of transparent colours through which the carbon surface can be seen. An artisan and exclusive product, the One-Off SuperHero edition previews a number of trends for 2017.

“Among the #nolannriders, Casey Stoner is a flagship rider who catalyses the attention of the majority of fans even outside of competition situations, as is the case with all legends. This is why we have made a One-Off SuperHero edition of the X-802RR ULTRA CARBON model for him: celebratory graphics with shades of the colours of the Italian flag and a number of iconic elements tied to the Champion, such as the kangaroo and Maori paints” - stated the Nolangroup President, Alberto Vergani.

Casey Stoner replied: “Coming to Nolan is always a pleasure for me, because I get to see old friends and fans who have followed me from the very beginning and have been at my side in every race with their professionalism. This One-Off edition is a surprise for me and it is really fantastic! I can’t wait to get on my bike and wear it!”

The colour shading which characterises the various Nolan and X-lite models represents a total novelty for the 2017 Collection and bears witness to the efforts of the Nolangroup in terms of aesthetic as well as technological research, in order to meet the tastes of an ever-more demanding and fashion-conscious consumer, and these colour trends are just a part of the new aspects for 2017.

The X-802RR ULTRA CARBON One-Off SuperHero model has been made exclusively for Casey Stoner, while the new colours will be available from October 2016.


X-802RR ULTRA CARBON is a very light racing helmet with a high carbon fibre content outer shell. 

The X-802RR ULTRA CARBON guarantees maximum comfort, thanks to the new inner padding (Carbon Fitting) which is removable and washable, made with active carbon filaments. This element is thermoregulatory (favouring the evaporation of sweat and keeping the temperature constant), antistatic (favouring the control of static electricity), dissipative (absorbing and dispersing electrical charges, limiting their effect on the body), bacteriostatic (respecting the skin and protecting it from polluting agents) and 100% natural. The removable cheek pads offer the much-appreciated steadyfit configuration to guarantee elevated levels of comfort, even in cases of significant pressure on the cheeks, essential in order to keep the helmet stable even on the race track at high speeds.


The visor is particularly wide, with the fog-resistant Pinlock® secondary visor (supplied) which is fitted on the version with the curved external surface, but which is also available on the flat version (which is set up for the use of external tear-off visors). The visor is fast-unlocking and is fitted with a Double Action mechanism to avoid accidental opening or to favour defogging by opening slightly.

The efficient ventilation system is made up of: a rear spoiler which integrates the permanent extraction of hot air from inside the helmet, a high-capacity air vent with anti-fogging function, front protection with an integrated aerodynamic exhaust, a lateral air extractor, a front air vent with direct emission, and an upper air vent with diffused emission.

X-802RR ULTRA CARBON is fitted with a double ring holding system.

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