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Estoril MotoGP: Lorenzo and Stoner with their X-802's on the podium again.

We’ve got so use to winning at this circuit with our riders but this time it was someone else’s turn.......

After Saturday’s Pole (X-lite X-802) and the three previous victories on this circuit we all hoped for another win by Lorenzo but this time, despite the excellent start, Jorge couldn’t do anything to stop his countryman Pedrosa from riding one of his best races ever. However, 2nd place was a very good result from a championship standings point of view and Lorenzo racked up other 20 points! Casey Stoner (Nolan X-802) crossed the finish line in 3rd place, and considering his bike’s engine problems during the whole weekend and suffering from back ache during the race he was satisfied that he reached the podium.

In the World Standings Jorge Lorenzo retains his number one spot and Casey Stoner is in third position. In Moto2 Ricard Cardus achieved 14th position and Axel Pons 15th.
Next race Le Mans (France), May 15th.
Also a quick mention of yesterday’s second race results of CIV (Campionato Italiano Velocità) in Monza. Ilario Dionisi repeated Misano’s success winning the Supersport race and marking a full score in world ranking, and Matteo Baiocco won the Superbike race.

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