In a period in which there are really unpleasant events, certainly there is no need to complain about bad luck in the race but ... there is a limit to everything, because the last weekend of Montmelo is really very black for the Nolan Group riders .

No race for Rins, injured in a simple bike ride, one day before the home week end.

Unfinished race for Petrucci, out when he was doing well, and for Canet, when he was even seventh and close to the podium.

It is obvious that this is a bad time for our guys, but it is also obvious that adversity fortifies. Here is the teaching.

You always have to get back in the saddle. For this reason, we are waiting for you at Misano SBK, our home race, and then at the Sachsenring for the MotoGP. Misano is open to the public ... will you be present?


"We knew this could be a difficult race, but above all for the straight, which is the hardest part for us. The first few laps I didn't keep the trail of the others there, so I really struggled to keep in touch. On the rest of the track I felt pretty good, I passed Valentino at LAP four and tried to catch up with Marc, but I lost the front without any warning and crashed, I didn't expect it at all, because there was nothing different than the previous lap . I am disappointed and very sorry for the team. "



"Sono caduto quando ero settimo e stavo guidando con un buon ritmo. È un peccato perché non stavo forzando, tanto meno stavo andando al 100%: pensavo di avere praticamente tutto sotto controllo. Ho frenato tardi e l'avantreno si è chiuso. È un peccato, ma le corse sono così."

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