Another big weekend in Austin, but also a difficult one for our riders. Alex Rins in particular, who so far in this MotoGP season has done exceptionally well, has an unfortunate crash in this round. He will be disappointed 

That of Austin was a beautiful race and full of different experiences for the Nolan Group riders, but it did not bring the expected results. This was down to some bad luck and unfortunate situations more than anything else. 

Despite this a placement close to the top ten for Petrucci, and in Moto2 but fighting Gardner did not collect what he deserved.

Contrasting this, in Moto3 two good results arrived for Bastianini (second) and for Kornfeil, a much improved 7th.

We look back to Europe ... and at the next race in Jerez, where we will go again, to achieve what we set out. 



“It was a difficult weekend. We managed to improve in qualifying and this gave me a lot of confidence. I thought I could be with the Top 10 group but soon after the start I lost a lot because I couldn’t get the tyre we chose to work well. It’s a pity, I’m very disappointed and I hope that this disappointment helps me to go faster in Jerez.”



“I’m happy with this podium, I could have also taken it at the first race in Qatar, if I hadn’t made that little mistake. Here in America, finally in the dry, we managed to run a good race, especially against Oettl it was hard and in that phase I lost some time. But when I saw Martin get in front, I pushed hard to get stay with him, but he had already taken an important gap. In the last lap I managed the situation: I thought I could reach it, but I was on my limit and I didn’t want to compromise a good result as this podium. In the past years this track was struggling for me, but today I felt right on the bike; now let’s look forward, I am ready to fight for the victory!”


“Difficult to make a strategy for the race starting from down the order. My strategy didn’t quite work because all the places I gained in the first lap were lost right away. The whole recovery didn’t go as fast as expected. Anyways, I had a fantastic pace. Lap times matching the leading group helped to get there. Then, pretty expected tires wear out came in lap seven. My rear tire was destroyed. Luckily, the front still had a good grip to compensate lack of feeling from the rear. Recovery to 7th spot is amazing. I have to admit there were quite many moments that could send down behind top ten or on the ground. When Livio Loi left our group I knew podium was close. This being said, there was no chance for me in the late stages with the wore tires. In the very last lap, I made a mistake in penaultimate corner, went wide and behind the kerbs and that made it clear. This happy ended tale wasn’t possible without my team and fantastic job they did to make bike setup for the race. I had a great feeling and I’m so happy to have the 7th in my pocket. Thank you!"

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