The Misano weekend was a difficult one for Nolan Group riders. Two crashes for Davies and only a top ten for him, and a seventh place that certainly does not satisfy  Caricasulo, who has been also struggling with a crash.

There is not much to tell about our home race except that the results were lacking while unluck was really there. However, we must say that our boys have not lost their heart, that the statements are of war and look to Donington, and that there has finally been the return of the public.

This is the thing we most care about. Seeing so many bikers who finally get back on safely and show off our products. Motorcyclists who hug each other and finally go back to doing what they like best. Go on a motorbike to see the races. The rest will come. We at Nolan have won so much that we can almost afford to lose a couple of podiums. The sun will shine again. Maybe not in Donington, the next British round, where the weather is likely to be gray. But we were talking about the symbolic sun, the one that warms our heart!

Watch our collection on our websites and watch out for security. See you soon!



"I am obviously disappointed of not finishing the Race. I was ok, in the average, for what concern the feeling for the first part of the race, then I started to have a little of vibration issue and struggling in a couple of areas. I tried to do my best to ride around the issue, but honestly I couldn’t really find a way to do it. So I was just trying to find the pace, but then I crashed. I am more disappointed for the feeling, I didn’t feel like anything was too good today and I don’t have a good feeling with the bike too, here in Misano. So we need to understand exactly what’s going on and we need to improve for tomorrow!"


"Unfortunately not a good weekend and not a good day at all! In the Superpole Race I thought like we had maybe improved the bike a little bit, for what I felt from the Warm Up lap, so I was charged up for the Race, trying to put my self in the first couple of rows for the Main Race. I had a good start, then from turn 1 to turn 2 I was on the inside, when we went left I didn’t anticipate how much Mahias was gonna stop and I just caught his rear wheel. My bike was quite upright, I crashed and I landed very hard on my shoulder. I tried to recover the best condition possible between the two races to reduce my pain, but I knew it would have been really tough. I had no power on the right corners and in the hard breakings, here there are so many. The left was ok, but the right was very difficult. I did a few laps and the pain was increasing and increasing and I continue loosing the power and the control a little bit. It just made no sense to continue. I could have got a couple of points, but I would have been in a bad place and in a bad feeling in the end, and possibly do more damage. Now I will do a shoulder check and have a rest for a couple of days and awfully be ok for Donington"!



"I am disappointed with this weekend because I was never able to feel comfortable on the bike. We tried different things, and after the red flag it would have been possible to see our progress. Unfortunately I was missing a new front and rear tyre. We will analyze all this with the team because I want to do better from Assen."

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